Monday, 3 September 2012

The AVGN meditation

Yesterday, I experienced one of the most amazing meditations I've ever come across! It was so unique, so down to earth, that I feel compelled to write about it!

It came from the most unlikely place too! The angry video-game nerd! (or AVGN)

If you've not heard of him, James Rolfe is a talented film-maker who made his name when he created the AVGN show. It was a series of nostalgic reviews for games that...let's just say "disappointed" a lot of us! I'm a bit of a gamer myself, so naturally I found the character hilarious. However, underneath all the colorful curse-words and toilet humor, was an extremely creative ambassador of joy. He's certainly brought a lot of happiness into my life! I'll often re-visit episodes when I feel the need for upliftment.

Before I say any more, check out his website at
If you're not a gamer, then it's probably not for you. Otherwise you've probably heard of him already! Either way, his meditation is worth a look! 

Here's why:

Meditation DOES NOT have to be approached in some stereo-typical style. It doesn't need all the fancy positions and the "OMM's"! The reason AVGN's meditation worked so well is because it came right down to earth. It engaged with its audience in a manner that was on their level. It used aspects of gaming and the signature nerd humor, then combined it with relaxation techniques. The result left us all feeling positive and cleansed! Ready to face the world and its challenges!

Bottom line? Meditation can be whatever you want it to be! You can meditate and imagine yourself on epic adventures! You can imagine yourself being the person you want to be! So long as it is something that resonates with you and creates positive results, what else matters?

Meditation is something that's been rigid for far too long. Many a time have I heard a "master" ask me to completely cleanse the mind of all thought...unless you've been doing this a VERY long time, it's highly unlikely you'll be achieving it! 

If it's the more disciplined approach you prefer, there's nothing wrong with that. It's what resonates with you! However, there are so many people missing out on the benefits of meditation because of these assumptions. Because their wavelengths are different.  

Meditation doesn't necessarily have to be about cleansing the mind of all thought. What it can be, is focusing the mind upon one great thought. One brilliant idea that brings you joy!

A good example would be my friend. He absolutely loves the cinema (as much as I do) so I asked him to focus on the cinema experience. I asked if he could focus on the sounds, the smells, if there were any tastes he could associate with it. By engaging all five senses, he was able to completely zone out. He saw great insights appear before him on the cinema screen. Then, began to take control of the film (his life). I honestly didn't have to teach him anything, it was his own journey. He owned the results too, and made the necessary changes happen.

To those of you who have never tried meditation - or experienced the frustration of trying to "clear the mind" - why not have yourself a little day-dream right now? Just imagine becoming what you want to be... engage with it as much as you can. 

No deep secrets, no complex methods...just you, your imagination and your deep well of self understanding. If it's a completely clear mind you want, accept that will take time. At least with this approach, you'll be able experience the benefits right now!

Blessings of joy upon you :-D 


  1. I agree, I felt so amazing, I still feel amazing.

  2. Totally agree, great stuff man!

  3. You've linked to Cinemassacre, but I think it might be helpful if you added a link directly to the meditation video:

    After all, it's not going to be on the front page forever.